Top 5 Tuesday: Face Brushes

Yes, it is now Wednesday. Sorry; life got in the way of me posting yesterday!! Let’s get into it, shall we?
The theme this week will be my top 5 favorite makeup brushes for use in the face. They are pictured below!

Counter clockwise from the top:

  1. Up&Up Powder Brush- this is available at Target. This is an old standby for me. It is SUPER soft, and retains that softness over time. It always cleans super easily and is perfect for blending out a contour! 
  2. Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered Blush Brush- I bought mine at Ulta, but they are available at many places. Now I don’t know about you but I find angled/tapered brushes so much easier to apply blush with. This one makes it almost effortless. Bonus….it’s rose gold! I mean look how pretty it is!! I normally clean my brushes once per week but I always have to clean this one and my other bold metals brushes after each use because I’m terrified of staining them….ha.
  3. ELF Blending Brush- Got mine at Target. I love this brush for buffing in my foundation. It works wonders!! For $6 it has never once shed on me and it reminds me very much of the IT Cosmetics buffing brush for significantly less. My only gripe is that it starts to smell after a little while but as long as you diligently clean it that shouldn’t be a problem! It is an absolute must for under $10!
  4. Real Techniques Setting Brush- I got mine at Kohls on Black Friday but they are available at many drugstores and Ulta. This brush is IDEAL for setting under eye concealer. It fits perfectly! It is also under $10….yes please! 
  5. ELF Angled Blush Brush- I bought mine at Target! As I previously stated, I love angled and tapered brushes for applying brushes. ELF is fantastic quality and super affordable! This makes applying blush a breeze, and this brush would also be great to contour with. Also, it never sheds. Score!

Well there you have it!!! Check back tomorrow for Trader Joes (my place of employment) Thursday where I will highlight some of my favorite products from each section. Bye for now!!


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