Product Review: ELF $6 Palettes

ELF is one of my favorite brands! It is so affordable and super great quality for the price. Recently, I picked up 3 of ELF’s $6 palettes: the bronzer palette, the contour palette and the illuminating palette.

From left to right: bronzer palette, contour palette and illuminating palette.

Let’s start with the bronzer palette. I love how blendable these are. I also love how you are able to blend shades together to get a better fit.

Same deal with the contour palette. I love it. Mainly to travel with so I only need 1 product for my contour. Plus, like the bronzer palette, it’s super easy to blend.

Now, the illuminating palette. I will say I do not hate it. It is a decent product. However, it kicks up hella powder, does not blend all that easily and I feel like it sits on top of the skin instead of seamlessly blending with the rest of your products. Now it is possible to blend it and make it look nice, but it takes a little more effort than I’m willing to put in everyday; ya feel?

Have you tried any of the ELf palettes? What are your thoughts?

See you tomorrow for top 5 Tuesday, lovelies!


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