Top 5 Tuesday: Drugstore Eyeliner

Greetings! Sorry for the late postand my lack of posts lately; I have been working like an animal and have no time to myself! I know it’s Thursday but I just had to still do a top 5! But enough about that!!! Today I will be talking about my top 5 eyeliners from the drugstore!

From left to right:

  1. Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner- I recently got this from a coworker as a birthday gift because she said its her holy grail. I can definitely see why now because I have fallen in love with it! It is such a rich, intense black and it is super easy to work with. The tip is a tapered felt tip that is super flexible so it’s so easy to do a cat eye with. I do not know where this thing has been all my life but I am so happy we found each other!
  2. Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen- felt tip eyeliners are my favorite, and this one delivers. The pigmentation is awesome, the staying power is unreal and the tip is a little stiffer so I feel like I have more control. The funny thing is I discovered this one totally on accident; I needed a new eyeliner and bought this one strictly because I had a Revlon coupon. Talk about fate, right?
  3. Essence Gel Eyeliner- potted liners like this are something I really only use on days when I have a lot of time on my hands or for special occasions. That being said, this one is the only one I reach for anymore! It is crazy black, super smooth and wears extremely well. I picked this up at Ulta just to try it out and I highly recommend you do the same!
  4. Rimmel London ScandalEyes Precision Micro Liner- I have tried the original ScandalEyes felt tip liner and loved it, so I wanted to give the fine tip one a try. I am so glad I did because this eyeliner is BOMB. It is so super easy to get right along the upper lash line with this and to create the “framework” if you will of a cat eye. Definitely a staple in my collection!
  5. CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Gel Eye Pencil- I absolutely love the look of gel eye pencils; especially on the waterline. This one is fantastic. It isn’t super long lasting but while it does last, it is super richly pigmented and just absolutely stunning. I would even say it’s comparable to the Marc Jacobs Blacquer Liner (a high end favorite of mine).

What is your favorite drugstore eyeliner? I am always looking for new recommendations so please let me know what your go to is!! 

Until next time…..


Top 5 Tuesday: Body Lotion

Happy Tuesday! Being that I have very sensitive skin, I thought this topic was worth mentioning in case any of you guys also have sensitive skin. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

  1. Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk- my top favorite for sure. It has a very subtle vanilla/almond scent that is so classic and universally appealing. It is also very thick so it feels extremely moisturizing on the skin; which it is! I use this every night after I shower with the Soap and Glory Rich and Foamous Body Wash, both available at Ulta. I highly recommend using both together!
  2. Burts Bees Cucumber and Aloe Sheer Spray Lotion- What I really love about this lotion is the light, airy feel. Despite this, it is very moisturizing! It smells amazing as well; very fresh and clean. I like to use this on hotter days because it it very light and cooling. It also is great on sunburn because of the aloe. If you can get your hands on this, I highly recommend it.
  3. Trader Joes Pumpkin Body Butter- this product is only available during the fall, but I had to mention it. It smells EXACTLY like the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion from Bath and Body Works, but at about a third of the price. It is also thicker, more moisturizing and not as perfume-y. There is a coconut body butter from Trader Joes that is also very good, and is available year round. 
  4. Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Lotion- this lotion really is calming. There are times when I come home from work and I am just so tired and stressed. That is when I reach for this lotion. It is super creamy, has a very calming scent and is just all around appealing. I also like using the stress relief body wash and pillow mist, which I also recommend. 
  5. Hempz Vanilla Plum Herbal Body Moisturizer- I recommend all Hempz lotions, but this one is my favorite. It never irritates my skin, it has a very subtle scent and leaves my skin feeling silky and moisturized. It is a tad pricy but it is SO worth it, and Ulta always has sales on this product, so it’s easy enough to get at a discount.

What are your favorite lotions? What products do you recommend for sensitive skin? I would love to hear your recommendations!

Top 5 Tuesday: Blush

The topic of today’s top five Tuesday will be my top 5 favorite blushes!

Clockwise from the left:

  1. Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in the shade “Something About Berry”- this is a gorgeous pink/mauve blush that is extremely flattering in those with cool undertones like myself. It is also super easy to blend and does have a bit of shimmer to it so you could totally get away with wearing it sans highlighter. Bonus!
  2. Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush in the shade “Rose Champagne”- I gotta be honest; I HATED the original ColorIcon blushes. That being said, even with the new formula being released, I was not optimistic and had no plans to purchase it. That is until I heard Kathleen Lights rave about this very blush and I knew I needed it. I am so glad I picked it up because I LOVE IT. It is a beautiful nude pink that is great for those minimal makeup days and is super pigmented and flattering as well.
  3. Boots No7 Natural Blush Tint Powder in the shade “Soft Damson”- I had never given Boots No7 a second thought when strolling the makeup aisles of Target until Jessica Braun from YouTube raved about this blush. I am so glad I watch YouTube and get all these recommendations because I never would have picked this up on my own! It is so subtle yet pigmented and flattering…..I’m obsessed. Trust me when I say you need this in your life.
  4. Wet n Wild ColorIcon Ombré Blush in the shade “In a Purple Haze”- I believe this is a Target exclusive. Purple-ish/mauve blushes really flatter my skin tone and this one is no exception. It blends beautifully, is super pigmented and makes me feel so confident when I wear it. Can’t beat that!
  5. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in the shade “Celebrated”- I am a HUGE fan of Tarte blushes and I knew I needed this one as soon as I laid eyes on it. This blush lasts for hours, is a beautiful pinky nude shade and just makes me feel like I’m glowing. Not to mention I know it will last me forever because Tarte blushes are indestructible. It is definitely a must have for me!

So….what’s your favorite blush? Let me know! Ttyl beauties 🙂

Top 5 Tuesday: Brow Products

Hapoy Tuesday! Today I will be sharing my top 5 brow products with you! 

Clockwise from left:

  1. Soap and Glory Arch de Triumph Brow Shaper and Highlight- I bought this on a whim awhile back and I am so glad I did. It’s awesome! It’s not too creamy, easy to work with and looks great! The highlight side is super pigmented and gorgeous and I sometimes just use that for a little intensity. Great product all around!
  2. Rimmel London Brow This Way- this products comes with a pomade and a powder to fill in sparse areas. Which is what I am looking for in a brow product. I am not one of those people who like bold brows, just something subtle. This certainly does the trick. I use the pomade to shape and set, then go over it with the powder. The result is amazing, sassy brows that give me a little edge. It’s perfect and one of the best brow products from the drugstore; in my humble opinion.
  3. Maybelline Brow Define and Fill- this product is unlike anything I’ve seen. On one side you have a pencil, on the other you have a sponge that dips into powder. Girl, let me tell you, I don’t know what kind of sorcery is in this little thing but I can get enough. It gives me that soft, full look that I crave and compliments any eye look you may choose. You NEED this in your life.
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer- this is my absolute HOLY GRAIL brow product. If I had to throw all my others away, this is the one I would keep. The pencil is triangular so it’s super easy to work with and the spoolie is not scratchy or hard. There is a reason ABH brow products get so much hype. This product is a must have if you are looking for a good brow pencil and don’t mind spending the extra money.
  5. Urban Decay Brow Beater- this is my go to product when I want a really low maintenance look. It’s soft, easy to work with and gives my brows a natural look that says I didn’t try too hard. A winner for sure!

What are your favorite brow products? I would love to know. Bye for now, lovelies.

Top 5 Tuesday: Pink Lip Products from the drugstore

Lets be real….we all love drugstore makeup. I got my makeup start at the drugstore and it will always have a place in my little beauty loving heart. Lip products are one of my favorite makeup items, and pink is my go to color. Pictured below are my top 5 pink lip products from the drugstore and swatches. For the purpose of this post, I am including a Colourpop product. Not available at the drugstore but is priced as such. (Side note: check out Colourpop if you have not already; they’re the best!)

From left to right:

  1. Colourpop Lippie Stick in Lumiere- I cannot say enough about how much I love Colourpop; especially their lip products. This Lippie stick is part of the Kathleen Lights collection and she is one of my favorite youtubers; so I was all over this. It’s a gorgeous mauve-pink shade that glides on the lips and lasts damn near all day when used with a lip primer. It’s a must have!
  2. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Devotion- One of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas from the drugstore. The applicator makes it super easy to work with, it has amazing color pay off and surprising staying power when paired with a lip liner. I will caution you that it is rather drying, so moisturizer your lips before applying this!
  3. NYX Butter Gloss in Angel Food Cake- NYX is one of my favorite brands, and their Butter Glosses are my favorite lip glosses of all time. Like all the others, Angel Food Cake is super pigmented for a gloss, has a stunning color and just feels so comfortable of the lips. I like to wear it over many of my pink lipsticks that are too bright to tone them done or to just add some shine.
  4. Burts Bees Lipstick in Lily Lake- I was so excited when I heard these were coming out, and I was not disappointed. I own 3 shades and this one is my favorite of the 3. It is a pink lipstick with a bit of a purple undertone. It does have a sheer finish but is pigment packed and sits so comfortable on the lips. Bonus: not drying in the least. 
  5. Maybelline ColorSensational in Lust for Blush- I saved the best for last, because this is my absolute favorite of the 5 mentioned today. It is a gorgeous, dusty pink shade with a true matte finish. I cannot say enough about this color and just trust me when I say you need this in your life. This is my go to lip color and I reach for it constantly! It is not transfer proof, however, but reapplication is a breeze!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next time!

Top 5 Tuesday: Face Brushes

Yes, it is now Wednesday. Sorry; life got in the way of me posting yesterday!! Let’s get into it, shall we?
The theme this week will be my top 5 favorite makeup brushes for use in the face. They are pictured below!

Counter clockwise from the top:

  1. Up&Up Powder Brush- this is available at Target. This is an old standby for me. It is SUPER soft, and retains that softness over time. It always cleans super easily and is perfect for blending out a contour! 
  2. Real Techniques Bold Metals Tapered Blush Brush- I bought mine at Ulta, but they are available at many places. Now I don’t know about you but I find angled/tapered brushes so much easier to apply blush with. This one makes it almost effortless. Bonus….it’s rose gold! I mean look how pretty it is!! I normally clean my brushes once per week but I always have to clean this one and my other bold metals brushes after each use because I’m terrified of staining them….ha.
  3. ELF Blending Brush- Got mine at Target. I love this brush for buffing in my foundation. It works wonders!! For $6 it has never once shed on me and it reminds me very much of the IT Cosmetics buffing brush for significantly less. My only gripe is that it starts to smell after a little while but as long as you diligently clean it that shouldn’t be a problem! It is an absolute must for under $10!
  4. Real Techniques Setting Brush- I got mine at Kohls on Black Friday but they are available at many drugstores and Ulta. This brush is IDEAL for setting under eye concealer. It fits perfectly! It is also under $10….yes please! 
  5. ELF Angled Blush Brush- I bought mine at Target! As I previously stated, I love angled and tapered brushes for applying brushes. ELF is fantastic quality and super affordable! This makes applying blush a breeze, and this brush would also be great to contour with. Also, it never sheds. Score!

Well there you have it!!! Check back tomorrow for Trader Joes (my place of employment) Thursday where I will highlight some of my favorite products from each section. Bye for now!!